Our Work

Student Barb Wire Removal will be going into its second year of operations in the summer of 2017. After a very successful first year of operations, we have decided to expand further in the Springbank area. Our primary focus is the removal of barb wire fencing on your property.

We will disassemble and remove your unwanted barb wire and fence posts from your property and dispose of them ourselves.

Please call or email so we can come and give you a free quote.

About Us

We are second year university students who are trying to make your yard clean-up painless and affordable, while helping pay for our ever-growing university tuition fees.

My name is Rory Mulloy and I am currently in second year at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, studying microbiology. I have grown up in and around the Springbank area and will be living on escarpment road this summer.

My name is Myles Chase and I am currently in second year at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, studying commerce. I grew up in Calgary but have spent many summers in and around the Springbank area.